CONTROLPrices range from $400 and up, for Chemical treatment .

Bed Bug Service & Treatment : Bed bugs usually bite people at night while they are sleeping. Over the counter pesticides will not kill all life stages of the insect and worse yet drive them deeper into the home, which makes it harder to control. Our service consists of vacuuming, steam and a chemical application that kills the bed bug on contact with a residual and a silicone dust that dries the insect out and it can stay active up to a year.  The dust is light and particles will cling to the areas where the bed bug likes to hide. We also provide a pre-treat program, to prevent a Bed bug infestation.

We believe that the Bud Bug problem in the Cedar Valley is a major epidemic that needs to be addressed. We try to keep prices affordable so families are able to rid their homes of these pests. Bed Bugs are great hitch hikers and can be transferred unknowingly. We interact everyday with people that may have a infestation, and could spread these pests to anyone of us. It only makes sense for us to help the community control the bed bug problem.

Please note: Bugsy’s Pest Solutions ask the home owner or tenant to prepare the home so the technician is able to access all areas that need to be treated, the preparations are contained in this document.

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