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One time yard fogging to control Mosquitoes, Flees and Ticks. $65 for a 1/4 acre and $20 for ever 1/4 acre more. Service last around 4 weeks. For complete control schedule once per month.

We understand that chemical pesticides are not for everyone, and some look for a more earthly way of controlling insect problems. That is why we offer a non-chemical solution. With a mixture of Cedar Oil and Cinnamon Oil, Nature-Cide does the trick in Controlling flying insects, fleas and ticks.

Before and After Nature-Cide mosquito service

At Bugsys Pest Solutions, we do whatever it takes to keep our clients satisfied. Our work is an important source of pride for us, and we’d love for you to have a look at some of our latest efforts. As a service provider committed to client satisfaction, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you hire us. Choose quality. Choose Bugsys Pest Solutions.

Mosquito Service Before

This is a video of a yard at twilight, the night before servicing a yard with our all natural mosquito pesticide called Nature-Cide. You can see all the flying insects flock to the light.

Mosquito Service After

Here is a video 24 hours after applying Nature-Cide to the same yard. The flying insect population has substantially declined. It makes for a wonderful night to enjoy your yard. A regular size yard is priced at $55 per service and last for up to a month. Call today to schedule your service.

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