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One time yard fogging to control Mosquitoes, Flees and Ticks. $65 for a 1/4 acre and $20 for ever 1/4 acre more. Service last around 4 weeks. For complete control schedule once per month.

We also utilize the In2care Misquito Trapping Program, alone or combined with our Fogging program. It is a device that attracts mosquitoes, when the mosquito lands on the netting to lay their eggs in the water, it will come in contact with a larvicide. Everywhere that mosquito lands, it will transfer the larvicide to those still bodies of water.

Mosquito Service Before

This is a video of a yard at twilight, the night before servicing a yard with our all natural mosquito pesticide. You can see all the flying insects flock to the light.

Mosquito Service After

Here is a video 24 hours after applying pesticide to the same yard. The flying insect population has substantially declined. It makes for a wonderful night to enjoy your yard. A regular size yard is priced at $65 per service and last for up to a month. Call today to schedule your service.

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